Awesome Dance!

You gotta see this awesome & unbelievable dance by Walrus:

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The Easiest IQ Test :P

I was stumbling through articles online and found this interesting image (Please click the image below to see the real moving image). Well, if you look at the image you may see its either moving clockwise or counter clockwise. Well, the interesting this is both are true. If you see its moving clockwise you are using your right brain otherwise left brain.

You may see both !! But the IQ test here is ( 😉 ) if you can make it switch between two different views without shifting your gaze then your IQ should be 160 – genius IQ!! Interestingly I could do it and now my IQ is 160 😛

I would say, this is the most amazing (easy) IQ test ever 😀 (I am sure most people can do it)

Once Again Note: Please click the image below to see the real moving image

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I Want To..

At any given moment, most of us have a BIG ‘I want now’ list…Today while returning from work, I suddenly felt like jotting down my ‘want to’ list (for now)…however, this list is too big to cover here…..but here are just few

I want to: (right now)

1. Have Food made by my Mom(who’s back home in Bangladesh now 😦 )
2. Have a Car (no way, I can barely drive, spc. in NY/NJ)
3. Know how to Swim (don’t know, and am scared of water 😐 )
4. Meet my family (all are back home in BD 😦 )
5. Become Slim
6. Become the CEO of our company 😉
7. Meet Aishwariya & Will Smith 🙂
8. Go back to my childhood…spc the day my father was v happy with my good result after a long time when I was in Class VII!!  (Impossible wish)
9. Play in our village with childhood friends…
10. Become brilliant like Bill Gate/ Steve Jobs 😀
11. Write a book !!
and on and on……………….

Randy Pausch Died Today :(

Earlier I submitted another post on Professor Randy Pausch. Here is the link. He was a Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, and Design at Carnegie Mellon. In Sept. of 2006, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it is the most deadly of cancers, with only a 4% 5-year survival rate. As he knew, he was dying he gave this wodnerful lecture names ‘Last Lecture’ which later became one of the most sensation lecture in the internet and bestselling book!!

Here is a post to Pausch’s Web site yesterday by his friend “Since last week, Randy has also taken a step down and is much sicker than he had been. He’s now enrolled in Hospice. He’s no longer able to post here so I’m a friend posting on his behalf because we know that many folks are watching this space for updates.”

His lectures, stories and motivations were really encouraging. This strong, funny and very inspiring man died today at his Virginia home at the age of 47.  Here is the youtube link to his very famouse lecture.

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I am feeling very sad!! Death is one thing we all ahve to face and accept!!! Whatever we do, however successful we become – no matter what, this one cruel but natural thing will happen to each one of us 😦

Bad News – IT Job Market Down :(

I just read a very bad news about the IT jobs condition in 2009 😦

Its horrible, how the market is going down. I am scared about those IT graduate people who will gradute in 2009, they will go through hard time to get a job!!! When I graduated in 2007, market was quite good, and it was quite easy to get a job 🙂

Now, not only new people will fall into trouble, its risky for people like us as well, who are working !! Cause it seems with less requirements many firms will cut its people and we will have to go through this scary process!! I hope everythign become alright and we do no end up homeless/foodless!!!

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Anyway, here is a snap shot of the news from:

“…IT staff jobs are at increasing risk — both for contractors and in-house workers — according to a survey of top CIOs by Goldman Sachs & Co. released last week. Global services companies will also feel the pinch because of the slowing economy.

A second survey showed that basic PC and network hardware, as well as professional services providers, would bear the largest proportion of spending cuts. It also showed that CIOs planned to emphasize economizing measures over investments in new technologies, with cloud computing emerging as the last item on their priority lists, despite the hype around it. …”

Happy Anniversary!!

On July 19th, 2008, Lipna finished one year at her work. I am feeling sooooo happy!! I still remeber the day when she got a call from the recruiter. Informing her of the long waited news….the DREAM job!!! I have kind of waited my whole life for this one news for Lipna…..I knew the smile it would bring to Lipna’s Parents and her sisters. I knew how it would change her while life and  it did!!!

I was scared and hesitant of how would she mange to work, become successful. I was scared if she would lose in between. This one year has been a wonderful learning process for her, I can’t believe the amount of things she has learned. I could never imagine she would know so many stuffs, expertize in so many things. When she attend meetings, response users …I get amazed seeing her 🙂 Is this the Lipna I saw a year back??? I sure see many lacks till now, I surely want Lipna to improve more, and expect much better performance! However, whatever she has achived so far, I thank her for those,  I know, all she has achieved till now was hard for her and I know she’ll do much better in the long run!!! I congratulate Lipna for completing her one year as a Technology Analyst at GS and I wish her best of luck with all future efforts and success!!!!!

Happy Aniversary Lipna and I want to see you touching the SKY one day 😉

My Banglish Blog!!

Sometimes I feel way too uncomfortable to express my thoughts in English, its better if I could write in bangla, the same thing I could have express in much better way…so, I have made this one blog where I will write in Bangla…I should say ‘Banglish’ 🙂 Cause writing with real Bangla will be a nightmare…I’ll forget what I want to write in the process of keeping bangla letter tracks 😛

Well, here is my Banglish blog: