Downloading YouTube Video

YouTube is the place where I spend most of my spare time, listening/watching favorite musics, dramas, and other misc stuffs! Well, even though its a service to watch video, what annoys me most is sometimes I want a song to repeat as long as I want to listen to it. I want to leave it open in my computer and may be read a book in my bed. I could not find any way of doing it 😦 If any body knows its possible, please let me know.

So, out of this frustration I thought, why not download the song I like from YouTube and listen to windows media player/realplayer where I can hear the song as long as my heart desires 😉

To that attempt, I found many ways of doing these. Here are some ways I liked (links to follow) which I would like to share in my blog:

(Credit goes to google for giving these results and all these sites for such wonderful useful tools)

Online Download:

Download Using Tools: