Behind The Scenes – My Job…My Dream!!

My office - the tall building

The place where I work in – Goldman Sachs – is the place where I always dreamed of working – the responsibilities, the work environment, the views around – everything feels so  awesome. Just in front of my office is the awesome Manhattan views and on the right is the Statue of Liberty!! On the top picture you can see the tall building is my office and in the bottom pic the Manhattan view 🙂

The Manhattan View from my office

Today I will tell you the story of how I got this job and how I started my journey here…

I started doing my MS at SUNY Binghamton in September 2005 and in August 2006 when I saw all students around me had internship/job experiences, I found no reason for myself not try to get a decent  job. Everybody was happy with their internship experiences and all my friends around were talking about their already accepted full time offer a year ahead:( I found myself completely lost and frustrated… An intersting thing I have always noticed about myself is when I have no or the least hope I suddenly get a  lot of energy and start over 🙂 So, what I did was that I made a nice resume (as poslished as possible :P) with all my skills and eperiences described nicely:P  (be it even in one class of Matlab). Once resume was done, I started applying through all channels possible.

I applied through and Yahoo jobs (not  a good idea at all, consultancy firms keep calling and irritating :() Then I searched 100 best companies through web and tried to apply to as many companies  I could. The story just began….I found many professional Bangladeshis in US through different groups or google search snd contacted them about it if they  can help some way. As I expected many of them responded and some took my resume to refer to their companies …some helped me update my resume to make it look  more professional 🙂

After doingall those, the last thing I did was apply through our Career Center in our school. Generally what happen is, each year many companies come to  visit our school and take on campus interviews. If they are satisfied they will call those students for on-site interview in their office. So, once  thats done, I got a call from Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg and Microsoft for the on campus interview. I was scared to death at this moment as I don’t have full  time technical experience of any kind so I saw no chances 😦

But then again, my life’s first interview ever in USA….so there is nothing to lose but to give my best try….So I had three of those interviews…all went  ok…and then I got a call from Goldman Sachs next week for the on-site interview, it was a whole day interview with 6 people independently. It went quite great. I can’t help explaining that particular day. I took the flight from Binghamton and reached New York around 9.30. I was all dressed up and was a  lil nervous – that was my life’s first on site intervirew ever in USA (I know I sound funny by saying life’s first over and over again…but that’s how it was  🙂 Then I reached the office around 11 and was immidiately asked to take the ferry to go to the other side of the river to our other office building. I was really scared at that time, completely new in the place…not sure if I will take the right ferry or not…and if I’ll make it on time….but then I realize thats a part of interview itself…how well managed and smart you are handling unexpected situations…well…I think I managed it well..When I reached the other building in new Jersey I was so amazed seeing our building…it was awesome with the exceptional nice view of Manhattan ….I reached on time …had my interviews till lunch then again took the ferry back to New York on the first building for the rest 3 interviews…it went very very well… but then again… with life’s first on site interview in USA….all i could think is “God ….just give me the chance” and He did!

And here I am now! I joined on July 19, 2007 and enjoying every little bit of it….trying to work hard as much as I could…I am sure and very hopeful that things will improve more and I will get chance to improve myself more…

The moral of the story that I would like to mention: “Whatever condition you are in, never ever give up!!! You always have chance no matter what….just believe and go ahead and work on it… Dreams always come true, you just need to keep working on them!”

I thank all the people who were there beside me in the process of this journey!!!


11 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes – My Job…My Dream!!

  1. Thanks for sharing the experience.

    I like the moral of the story and also believe it.

    Will you please share your CV so that I may get a better idea.

  2. You know… whenever I hear stories like yours, I think “miracle people”. Since I was 13 years old I’ve had a dream to become a lawyer… And at this point in life I’m not even sure I’m gonna be able to enter the law program in uni… my marks from high school (upper secondary school) weren’t good enough. And I know that whenever people say that dreams can be reached and you have to have hope and do your best and bla bla bla… they only mean good… but it annoys me… because I don’t think everybody reaches their dreams. Sigh…

    You’re a lucky one. And it was nice to hear your story. Good luck on your way towards the stars :). //Rinth

  3. I have been trying to find out the name of the tall building you work in, I was in New York several years back and took a picture of it and I edited the picture and it is so amazing. Everyone ask where the building was and the name but I don’t know the name, can you tell me what it is?

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