Organized LifeStyle!

I am trying to be organized with my life style. Given that I work 9 to 5 (infact 8 to 7 😦 – too much pressure at work) its quite easy to be organized. Lately I put on a lot of weight and I am getting quite worried about it. Other than being organized with my life style (to make sure I eat less and exercise) I can not expect to shrink a little!! Also, performance at work is very important. The mroe organized I am, the more active & productive I am at work. So, targetting two main factors  ahead (work & health), I am trying to track my lifestyle. As an exercise hater and walk lover, I decided to walk as much as I can after work. So, I am trying to go straight to Brooklyn Bridge after work, it takes around 30 minutes for me to walk both ways!! A good way of loosing some weight I guess.

On the other hand, I am trying to read some technical papers and books to expertise myself in my field of work and trying to be more active at work.

So far, both these process towards good health and good performance at work has been working great!!

Only if I can continue this for another two weeks!!! I have heard that if we can continue doing somthing regularly for one month (atleast two weeks) it becomes a habit. I hope I do not dissapoint myself and keep up with the self-improvement process 🙂

Will defintely get back to my blog with results (if any 😉 )  or as ususal start showing excuses for giving up 😛


One thought on “Organized LifeStyle!

  1. Maybe you should try out the gymnasium. My sis does the same. Everyday morning she goes to the gym for about 2 hrs. I don’t know whether this would control your weight…(she’s still the same from past a month 😛 )

    Or maybe you can be on a diet…And BTW give some tips to grow fat….. 😀

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