Life @ New York!!

So here I am, living my life in New York for one year! Tomorrow will be my first annivarsary of living here!!! Geographically speaking, I live in Jersey City, NJ, very close to Manhattan  (15 minutes away from NY downtown). But other than sleeping and working, most of my time are spent in either Manhattan or Queens. So to sound nicer and feel better 😛 I say I live in New york!!! 

From God knows when I have always wanted to come to United States and particularly New York. It was my dream to live a part of my life here and experience the diversity, the charm, the excitement and the beauty. Speaking about diversity, one good example would be: If you ever visit Time Square and notice carefully you will be amazed to hear the diverse languages all are speaking around you from different countries around the world. Not to mention their colors, their clothes, their cultures. It is such an amazing mixture of diverse people one can experience here!!

NY has also attracted me for the number of events/activities happening every single day! You can be almost anyone you wnat to be here! You want to live alone…excluded from the crowd, be introvert, visit a library or some nice park….you want to be extrovert…join the crowd…find an event and just enjoy!! You want to be successful, you have thousands ideal successful people around  to follow…millions options everywhere…if you have nothign still you can end up getting some kind of small job and earn your livings!! You can GET anyhtign here in New York!! I may sound exaggerating, but that’s what i feel.

Offcourse sll these good things comes with the cost of expense….competettion for every single thing…Everythign in NY is more expensive compare to many other places. Every body is so smart that in every level of your study/work you have to be really good to compete, to survive. but thats what makes you smarter…better!!

The thing I love most about NY is the crowd which  many people hate!! I came from a small beautiful and extremely populated country Bangladesh, so whether I be in the crowd or not, I love seeing people around!! Pariticipate in all kind of activities, be a part of the crowd.  Many things I can’t do, but atleast i can see 🙂

This one year in NYC has been been an wonderful and amazing experience for me, I hope coming days are more challenging, more exciting, full of wonders and happiness!!!!