Everything Ok Lipna??

Its Saturday lazy morning, with lots of sunlight outside and some wonderful musics playing in my laptop. Last week has been the most hectic week of the year at work!! And I am supposed to be very RELAXED now at this very moment. But for some reason I get this empty feeling!! Blank head….empty heart…feeling less mood!!

Am I tired?? Bored?? Frustrated?? Depressed?? Everything OK with me??? Is something missing?? Is somehting wrong???

Why don’t I go to all those events I used to love to attend in NY?? Why don’t I attend all those get together at friend’s place?? Have I lost the charm?? I still miss everything I used to do, and I still love those. I love myself for being social, being happy, lively!!! But why suddenly I have started taking the other route! Why don’t I come here in my blog and keep talking about my thoughts, what I read, stumble, my believes…my good time  and my bad time stories…..why have I become a creature with no vision ahead?? Why have I become the Lipna I never envisioned?? Is this the place where you  stop, when you reach a certain stage of your dream?? Is this what happen when you don’t know what to look forward to anymore??

This lazy relaxed saturday morning making me poder about these. I just want to ask Lipna ‘Is everything OK??’. I hope and pray she feels better and get back to her track sooner than later!!!


Randy Pausch Died Today :(

Earlier I submitted another post on Professor Randy Pausch. Here is the link. He was a Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, and Design at Carnegie Mellon. In Sept. of 2006, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it is the most deadly of cancers, with only a 4% 5-year survival rate. As he knew, he was dying he gave this wodnerful lecture names ‘Last Lecture’ which later became one of the most sensation lecture in the internet and bestselling book!!

Here is a post to Pausch’s Web site yesterday by his friend “Since last week, Randy has also taken a step down and is much sicker than he had been. He’s now enrolled in Hospice. He’s no longer able to post here so I’m a friend posting on his behalf because we know that many folks are watching this space for updates.”

His lectures, stories and motivations were really encouraging. This strong, funny and very inspiring man died today at his Virginia home at the age of 47.  Here is the youtube link to his very famouse lecture.

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I am feeling very sad!! Death is one thing we all ahve to face and accept!!! Whatever we do, however successful we become – no matter what, this one cruel but natural thing will happen to each one of us 😦