Cloning From Dead – I Wonder How More Stranger Things We Will Hear Ahead!!!

Collected From ABCNews

Scientists in Japan say they have successfully cloned a mouse from a body that had been frozen for 16 years, theoretically opening the door to a range of possibilities from preserving endangered animals, to resurrecting extinct animals to cloning Ted Williams.


The authors of the study made no bones about what they believe the implications of their work could be.

“It has been suggested that the ‘resurrection’ of frozen extinct species, such as the woolly mammoth, is impracticable, as no live cells are available, and the genomic material that remains is inevitably degraded,” wrote the authors in the Monday edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But the researchers say they got around the dead tissue issue by adapting new fertilization techniques for damaged sperm into a cloning technique for damaged frozen tissue. The authors of the study concluded these “techniques could be used to ‘resurrect’ animals or maintain valuable genomic stocks from tissues frozen for prolonged periods without any cryopreservation.”


Bad News – IT Job Market Down :(

I just read a very bad news about the IT jobs condition in 2009 😦

Its horrible, how the market is going down. I am scared about those IT graduate people who will gradute in 2009, they will go through hard time to get a job!!! When I graduated in 2007, market was quite good, and it was quite easy to get a job 🙂

Now, not only new people will fall into trouble, its risky for people like us as well, who are working !! Cause it seems with less requirements many firms will cut its people and we will have to go through this scary process!! I hope everythign become alright and we do no end up homeless/foodless!!!

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Anyway, here is a snap shot of the news from:

“…IT staff jobs are at increasing risk — both for contractors and in-house workers — according to a survey of top CIOs by Goldman Sachs & Co. released last week. Global services companies will also feel the pinch because of the slowing economy.

A second survey showed that basic PC and network hardware, as well as professional services providers, would bear the largest proportion of spending cuts. It also showed that CIOs planned to emphasize economizing measures over investments in new technologies, with cloud computing emerging as the last item on their priority lists, despite the hype around it. …”