The Impossible Dream!

Very Inspiring Clip. I love the clip:


2009 – Achievements vs. Failures!!


2009 - Achieve vs. fail!

2009 - Achieve vs. fail!

1. Got a job in that recession period!!!! (Jan 2009)
2. Bought my first car – Infiniti I30.
3. Learned a completely new(!) technology – Symfony (An MVC Framework).
4. Grew my nails like a stylish gal 😛 (stopped biting nails)
5. Had a wonderful Europe Tour – Iceland, England, Switzerland & Italy.
6. Took the strong decision of leaving the job and joining hubby in west coast!!!

7. Started going to gym.
8. Started cooking regularly 🙂

9. Visited family in Bangladesh!!


1. Could not finish my PHP Zend Certificate exam ..still pending.
2. Could not lose weight to the extent I wanted :-/
3. Not been involved much into any activity such as social or voluntary!
4. Could not maintain the habit of eating healthy food 😦
5. Could not finish a project I always wanted to work on!

I have few more failures in mind which I don;t blame myself for not doing given the timing and other circumstances, but I hope I am able to do finish those targets on 2010!! Best of luck for to myself!!!

Looking Forward For a Change – A Better Nation!

History is made in this US election 2008. Even though it was all expected, it is still very surprising and overwhelming event in the US history, Barack Obama became the 44th President of United States and he is the FIRST African America President in US history!!!

Winning the election game was not an easy one, however keeping his promises for a change, for a better America, for a better nation, improving the economy and all other things he promised would be the most difficult part. So the struggle and hard work really starts NOW for Obama.


When I woke up today, walking on my way to office, I felt different, nothing was literally different, same people, same crowd, same city, same roads…still I smell something different in the air, I felt a change has started happening. I don’t know if it’s the believe that things will change with Obama’s powerful presence as a President or something is really around! But I strongly felt a vibe, I could foresee a better nation, a better future for America – the land of opportunities. At work, I talked to few colleagues, and everybody seems so happy. Everybody is so much looking forward for a CHANGE, for US to come out of its critical economy stage, wars and all other issue which are deteriorating the position of this nation.

So, I hope and pray that the way victory of Obama brought hope of change, improvements, he really make these things happen. We are very much looking forward for BETTER NATION with lots of better changes!!

(More on Barack Obama from WIKI!)

Century Post !!

Yup!!! This is my 100th post. I have started this blog on January 2nd, 2008. its been almost a year, exactly speaking, 10 months 2 days, and here I am posting my 100th Post. If I could continue with the flow I started this blog, I would have reached 150+ by now, but however, I happy that I still am continuing 🙂

Even though the frequency is less, and am not at all impressed with the topics I am writing these days 😦 but I am trying my best to keep in touch with my blog!!


When we create a blog, most likely we have a aim, aim to write about our day-to-day stuff and watch the improvements, or speak out our thoughts and feel comfortable or share our view with many others in this web platform! When I started this blog, my aim was to see how my thought develop with time, the way I write in January 2008 must be different and improved than the way I write in January 2009. With this process of expressing my thoughts…sharing many interesting news I find online my aim was also to be part of the internet blog world, where my existence will somehow give my reader inspiration, knowledge or to some extent some happiness. I tried to stick to my intention but at times I failed. I was sad, depressed, unable to handle certain pressure….but I tried to recover. So when I went through my posts what I noticed interesting is the ups and downs of my regular life. There were moments when I was helpless and very upset and there were times I wasfighting back to recover and there were times I really enjoyed this amazing and beautiful life.

This is a wonderful feedback and lesson I got from my own past posts… no matter what things will work fine, you will fall down and you’ll stand again. Beautiful days are always with you…all you have to do is seek for and  stick to the believe that its there 🙂 and I learned those in this process of blogging!!

Apart from this wonderful feedback for myself, another wonderful thing this blog has given me the comments I have received from its readers. Compared to the frequency I wrote the input and suggestion and wonderful comments from many wonderful people around is really impressive!! I felt very grateful for all those reader who read my blog patiently and left their comments. Its a wonderful way of connecting with many people whom I would have never known or get in touch with in any other way possibly. Thanks to them!!

I know there are many things I need to improve, I need to concentrate on the topics I want to write about and I should be improving my frequency of posts and off course my writing styles. But I don’t want to talk about negative things in this 100th post.

I am feeling very good about this blog and my posts so far and I wish to improve even more on coming days!!!

I am Impressed!


Recently I got a chance to meet a wonderful person who amazed me with his work and lifestyle. He is doing his PhD at one of the finest universities in USA. And his life style is quite amazing. He does tons of jobs. He barely get chance to sleep. He is working with his Prof publishing one book, he is working on his extensive thesis resesrch, he is working as a Dorm Resident advisor and he get calls as late as 3 AM in the morning from dorm residents for as simple matter as ‘my roomate snoring….I can’t sleep…please take care’ 🙂 He supervises two students who are 100% dependednt on him and meet/call him every now and then for simple research matters. He take care of his younger sister’s most projects as she is struggling with her Bachelors!! He is taking care of his family who lives in BD.
And to my surprise, such energitic and hardworking geek also sings. He participate in most of the Bangladeshi cultural program nearby his place.
This is just a partial list of what he does. And I was really really impressed!! I just realized what a waste I am. If someone asks me to put an exact list of what exactly I do, I don’t think I have any good list to come up with 😦

So, when i was mesmerized by his energy, creativity and hardwork and quite lost with what exactly I am doing with my life and I met a summer intern at our work. She is done with her internship and leaving for her study to University of California Berkeley. I asked her about her thesis topic, and what she explained made me felt worst 😦

She has come up with a great and very impressive idea and working on that. And every body specially her Prof. is appriciating her for her very thoughtful and creative idea.
Now, I am impressed and amazed by all these great wonderful people around and feeling very guilty for not doing anyhting with this life 😦

Trust me, I am really really impressed and very much ashamed with myself 😦

Happy Anniversary!!

On July 19th, 2008, Lipna finished one year at her work. I am feeling sooooo happy!! I still remeber the day when she got a call from the recruiter. Informing her of the long waited news….the DREAM job!!! I have kind of waited my whole life for this one news for Lipna…..I knew the smile it would bring to Lipna’s Parents and her sisters. I knew how it would change her while life and  it did!!!

I was scared and hesitant of how would she mange to work, become successful. I was scared if she would lose in between. This one year has been a wonderful learning process for her, I can’t believe the amount of things she has learned. I could never imagine she would know so many stuffs, expertize in so many things. When she attend meetings, response users …I get amazed seeing her 🙂 Is this the Lipna I saw a year back??? I sure see many lacks till now, I surely want Lipna to improve more, and expect much better performance! However, whatever she has achived so far, I thank her for those,  I know, all she has achieved till now was hard for her and I know she’ll do much better in the long run!!! I congratulate Lipna for completing her one year as a Technology Analyst at GS and I wish her best of luck with all future efforts and success!!!!!

Happy Aniversary Lipna and I want to see you touching the SKY one day 😉

A Poem- Be Thankful!

By Author Unknown

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you don’t know something,
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.
Be thankful for your limitations,
because they give you opportunities for improvement.
Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons.
Be thankful when you’re tired and weary,
because it means you’ve made a difference.

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
and they can become your blessings.