Cloning From Dead – I Wonder How More Stranger Things We Will Hear Ahead!!!

Collected From ABCNews

Scientists in Japan say they have successfully cloned a mouse from a body that had been frozen for 16 years, theoretically opening the door to a range of possibilities from preserving endangered animals, to resurrecting extinct animals to cloning Ted Williams.


The authors of the study made no bones about what they believe the implications of their work could be.

“It has been suggested that the ‘resurrection’ of frozen extinct species, such as the woolly mammoth, is impracticable, as no live cells are available, and the genomic material that remains is inevitably degraded,” wrote the authors in the Monday edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But the researchers say they got around the dead tissue issue by adapting new fertilization techniques for damaged sperm into a cloning technique for damaged frozen tissue. The authors of the study concluded these “techniques could be used to ‘resurrect’ animals or maintain valuable genomic stocks from tissues frozen for prolonged periods without any cryopreservation.”


Heart Breaking news!

I have been following this news of the twins ‘Borsha’ and ‘Bonya’ in Bangladesh. They were conjoined twins. And the news of separating them was everywhere for last few days. Yesterday doctors had a seven hours long operation to seprate the babies. It was very critical surgical operation. One of the twin ‘Bushra’ died after seven hours of the operation.

I was so shocked, I was really hoping them to survive. The operation was successfuly done. I read in the news that so far only 25%  of such operation succeed. The other twin ‘Bonna’ is also in critical condition now. No body knows if she’ll surviev this stress or not. It is very painful seeing one of them dying.

When we take great risks with hope of surviving the outcome is heartbreaking if we loose it. The twins parents had very high hope from this operation yet they lost one chile.

I pray for ‘Borsha’s departed soul and I earnestly pray that ‘Bonya’ keeps alive!!

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Randy Pausch Died Today :(

Earlier I submitted another post on Professor Randy Pausch. Here is the link. He was a Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, and Design at Carnegie Mellon. In Sept. of 2006, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it is the most deadly of cancers, with only a 4% 5-year survival rate. As he knew, he was dying he gave this wodnerful lecture names ‘Last Lecture’ which later became one of the most sensation lecture in the internet and bestselling book!!

Here is a post to Pausch’s Web site yesterday by his friend “Since last week, Randy has also taken a step down and is much sicker than he had been. He’s now enrolled in Hospice. He’s no longer able to post here so I’m a friend posting on his behalf because we know that many folks are watching this space for updates.”

His lectures, stories and motivations were really encouraging. This strong, funny and very inspiring man died today at his Virginia home at the age of 47.  Here is the youtube link to his very famouse lecture.

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I am feeling very sad!! Death is one thing we all ahve to face and accept!!! Whatever we do, however successful we become – no matter what, this one cruel but natural thing will happen to each one of us 😦

Bad News – IT Job Market Down :(

I just read a very bad news about the IT jobs condition in 2009 😦

Its horrible, how the market is going down. I am scared about those IT graduate people who will gradute in 2009, they will go through hard time to get a job!!! When I graduated in 2007, market was quite good, and it was quite easy to get a job 🙂

Now, not only new people will fall into trouble, its risky for people like us as well, who are working !! Cause it seems with less requirements many firms will cut its people and we will have to go through this scary process!! I hope everythign become alright and we do no end up homeless/foodless!!!

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Anyway, here is a snap shot of the news from:

“…IT staff jobs are at increasing risk — both for contractors and in-house workers — according to a survey of top CIOs by Goldman Sachs & Co. released last week. Global services companies will also feel the pinch because of the slowing economy.

A second survey showed that basic PC and network hardware, as well as professional services providers, would bear the largest proportion of spending cuts. It also showed that CIOs planned to emphasize economizing measures over investments in new technologies, with cloud computing emerging as the last item on their priority lists, despite the hype around it. …”

iPhone Hype!!

With the new iPhone 3G realese and with all excitement happening around it, I cannot help writing one post about it.

Is it the iPhone hype people crazy about or its really the multifeatured phone itself??? I just read some news about people standing on the line for hours (whole night) to get the new released iPhone 3G!! I have also read some pros and cons of this phone. It seems some people have very strong reason for buying it (*It has awesome browser, *Coming with GPS etc.) and some people are way against it (*Costly Monthly Plan, *Worse Camera Quality, *Shorter Battery Life, *GPS antenna not good for turn-by-turn directions etc.)

Whether someone has strong reason or not, it is better to think/know more detail about this new release and then buy!

Best of luck to everyone who are crazily waiting for the new iPhone 3G and hope all of them get it with a good deal from AT&T 🙂

29th April – 1991 Bangladesh Cyclone !!

17 years ago, on 29th April 1991, when one of the most  powerful and devastating  tropical cyclone struck the Chittagong, Bangladesh, I was in Chittagong. I used to live there! I remeber everything about that night. My father used to work in a Shipping Corporation and they always have to track storm to make sure the ships are in safe harbour. Anyway, we were all at home and it was very stormy outside. I remember, for the first time in my life we were all told to sleep in living room instead of our bed rooms. Everybody go together inside that one room, and our parents were makinig sure everythign is properly locked. We used to live in 4th floor. I could not figure why they have to take such precaution when we live in nice developed city on fourth floor. I mean, I could not imagine what worse can happen. Then as night was growing the storm was getting stronger, the wind was very strong, it was impossible to stand in the balcony. We all gathered and prepared to sleep around 1 AM. I remeber that, my parents did not sleep. They wanted make sure everyhtign goes fine, the night was a nightmare and we siblings had no idea about it. We happily went to sleep, I woke up couple of time and saw in the dead deep night some light…dizzling light….later I camt to know that was the light of the hurricane. Anyway, I passed that horrible night mostly sleeping. When I woke up I could not believ my eyes. All the big trees around our house are all washed off. Not a single sign of greean around. Everythign loked wiped off!!! The electricity was down, gas was down, water was down. We had nothign to eat at home for breakfast. We went out, some hotels were trying to cook in fire, without gas. So we tried to buy some food, we also bought some mineral waters for home. I remeber those days were horrible. All news paper distribution were closed. We did not have enought information of what happend. Later we came to know about the devastating affects. The unbelievable impact it had is unimaginable 😦

At least 138,000 people were killed by the storm, with the majority of deaths in the Chittagong area. Most deaths were from drowning, with the highest mortality among children and the elderly. The storm caused an estimated $1.5 billion (US dollar) in damage. (Resource)

For months I remeber seeing relief activities going on for the affected people!! One thing I realized after that was, nothign can be as horrible as illiteracy. The warnings were not ver effective. Many had just a few hours of warning and did not know where to go for shelter. Others who knew about the storm refused to evacuate because they did not believe the storm would be as bad as forecasted. Both the illiteracy and callous of people and official the damage was so unbelievable!! 

I feel very bad for those victims! I hope and pray taht we improve in avoiding those natural disasters to save lives of thousands of people in our country!! 


Finally I Won!!

Yesssss!!!! Finally the miracle happend to my life!! I was very quiet last few days and rarely posted on my blog. Was really frustrated with the consequences of lottery which will decide my career, my future, will imact my whole life in so many ways. And unfortunately all these critical things were dependent on lottery.

Background story: I applied for my US job visa (known as H1-B) on April 1st. On Masters category 31200 people applied. Out of which they did lottery to select the 20000 lucky winner. The ratio was not too much bad and the statistical chances were around 66% !! However, lottery is lottery and anything could happen. I must add that I did apply last year also and was not selected through the lottery, so this was my second and kinda last chance!!

And finally yesterday I got that miracle email from my company lawyer that my application got selected in the lottery. If everyhting goes fine I should be set for next three years (at least)!! I am really very happy.  (Hope somehitng new doesn not show up now :D)

Anyway, I am very glad and happy for those who were worried about my news and prayed for my luck. I thank them whole heartedly!

I really appreciate all you guys love and support!!

Here I go…looking forward to start a new life again with full of promises and challenges…..

“Woods are lovely dark and deep
I have promises to keep
And mile to go before I sleep”