Happy Anniversary!!

On July 19th, 2008, Lipna finished one year at her work. I am feeling sooooo happy!! I still remeber the day when she got a call from the recruiter. Informing her of the long waited news….the DREAM job!!! I have kind of waited my whole life for this one news for Lipna…..I knew the smile it would bring to Lipna’s Parents and her sisters. I knew how it would change her while life and  it did!!!

I was scared and hesitant of how would she mange to work, become successful. I was scared if she would lose in between. This one year has been a wonderful learning process for her, I can’t believe the amount of things she has learned. I could never imagine she would know so many stuffs, expertize in so many things. When she attend meetings, response users …I get amazed seeing her 🙂 Is this the Lipna I saw a year back??? I sure see many lacks till now, I surely want Lipna to improve more, and expect much better performance! However, whatever she has achived so far, I thank her for those,  I know, all she has achieved till now was hard for her and I know she’ll do much better in the long run!!! I congratulate Lipna for completing her one year as a Technology Analyst at GS and I wish her best of luck with all future efforts and success!!!!!

Happy Aniversary Lipna and I want to see you touching the SKY one day 😉