iPhone Hype!!

With the new iPhone 3G realese and with all excitement happening around it, I cannot help writing one post about it.

Is it the iPhone hype people crazy about or its really the multifeatured phone itself??? I just read some news about people standing on the line for hours (whole night) to get the new released iPhone 3G!! I have also read some pros and cons of this phone. It seems some people have very strong reason for buying it (*It has awesome browser, *Coming with GPS etc.) and some people are way against it (*Costly Monthly Plan, *Worse Camera Quality, *Shorter Battery Life, *GPS antenna not good for turn-by-turn directions etc.)

Whether someone has strong reason or not, it is better to think/know more detail about this new release and then buy!

Best of luck to everyone who are crazily waiting for the new iPhone 3G and hope all of them get it with a good deal from AT&T 🙂


3 thoughts on “iPhone Hype!!

  1. I new that this time around was going to be more of the same. Huge line, no service, no inventory, horrible customer service, etc…AT&T couldn’t get it right the first time, what makes you think they would get it right the second time around ? I think if you never had an iPhone maybe go through the trouble, but if you already have one, why go through the headache for another one. Makes no sense. Apple always launches news products with very low inventory to create excitement and demand. I did it once with the mini me, and never again. I can wait, if I really want an Apple Anything.


  2. Yes! You are right….I already have a iPhone…so am not going through the trouble again …no way 🙂
    Anyways, this time apple has started with the hype and now having trouble in server…so its better to wait… 😉

    Thanks for your comment petes2cents!

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