Finally I Won!!

Yesssss!!!! Finally the miracle happend to my life!! I was very quiet last few days and rarely posted on my blog. Was really frustrated with the consequences of lottery which will decide my career, my future, will imact my whole life in so many ways. And unfortunately all these critical things were dependent on lottery.

Background story: I applied for my US job visa (known as H1-B) on April 1st. On Masters category 31200 people applied. Out of which they did lottery to select the 20000 lucky winner. The ratio was not too much bad and the statistical chances were around 66% !! However, lottery is lottery and anything could happen. I must add that I did apply last year also and was not selected through the lottery, so this was my second and kinda last chance!!

And finally yesterday I got that miracle email from my company lawyer that my application got selected in the lottery. If everyhting goes fine I should be set for next three years (at least)!! I am really very happy.  (Hope somehitng new doesn not show up now :D)

Anyway, I am very glad and happy for those who were worried about my news and prayed for my luck. I thank them whole heartedly!

I really appreciate all you guys love and support!!

Here I go…looking forward to start a new life again with full of promises and challenges…..

“Woods are lovely dark and deep
I have promises to keep
And mile to go before I sleep”



4 thoughts on “Finally I Won!!

  1. Hi! Congratulations!! Really a very good news!!!

    This time I’ll suggest you not to waste time and apply for Green Card immediately. This use to take huge time, and everyday the backlog is increasing.

    ~Zulker Vai.

  2. Congratulations!! That is great…I will be on your place after 2-3 years and I’m worried from now, but I hope I will have your luck 🙂 Once again-great news 🙂

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