Struggling for your goals …struggling with your limitation is extremely hard but not impossible. The most importatnt thing is FOCUS. The more focused you are the easier it is for you to struggle. One of the main reason we fail to fight till the end is we are not focused at our desitanaion, goal or whatever we want to achieve. This is my personal observation. There are other things that might seem important to others but I find “Focusing” to be most critical thing.

Till this date of my life, I have seen people overcoming many obstacles and on the other hand people who could not deal with small problems. And one of the most important thing those failures were missing was “Focusing”. They were never stable nor focused.

Again, being focused is another struggle that we deal with. Sometimes even if we have strong aims and particular goals we fail to stick to it, we loose our focus. To stick to what we want, to stay focused we need to fight with our limitations. Sometimes we fail to catch the reason behind our failures. And we give up. Another big element to keep struggling is ‘never giving up’ whatever the situation is…we should never give up!!

Offcourse we are human beings and offcourse we will loose our ways….we will definitely have millions limitation …thousands obstacles…but we should make sure that we tried….we tried our best…we struggle and struggle as much as we could…..we should never stopr trying unless we die……

“Woods are lovely dark and deep

I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep”  – by Robert Frost

[All these are my personal believes and opnions]


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