America's Most Admired Companies & Steve Jobs!!


Earlier this week  Fortune magazine named Goldman Sachs (the company I work for :P) one of “America’s  Most Admire Companies” for 2008. Well, this article is not bragging about the company I work for rather I would like to talk a littl about Apple which ranked top most in “America’s  Most Admire Companies”.  In detail, for Innovation, Apple is ranked number one, and there is no second thought oon this 🙂 For poeple management it is also number one and obviously it ranked one for the quality of the product. Here is the detail link:

I am fan of the CEO of Appli Steve Jobs who is called visionary leader and pioneer in the use of technolgy. He is also very much honored for his force of ambition and innovation. I am always very insprired by him. His thoughts, his creativity always amazes me. And now “Apple” being the most admired company is not at all surprising rather very much expected. Steve’s work and recognition has made him a wonderful source of inspiration for others. His ideas and views are thought provoking and very much admiring.


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