Photographing – Alphabets :)

The new camera I got, it turns out that using it just by reading few tutorial online,was not as easy as I thought! So, I started taking Photography I class at photouno. The instructor was amazing, I get to learn so many things about my camera, and how I should take pictures. A lot about exposures, light and frames. I feel much more comfortable taking pics now. I still have to continue taking more and more pictures to become a pro, but I am happy to at least know the basics. One of the best thing about the class was homework 🙂 I know homeworks almost never sounds fun, but in this case it was! One of the homework was to take pictures of alphabets in the nature, not the actual alphabet, but the representation of it around us! It was hard to find all of them, and I tried to get as many as I could! Here are some of them 🙂 I wish I had more time to take more of them, but its much better than taking none 🙂



This has been in my mind for few years, I was always excited and happy when I used to see other people taking nice pics, the color, the effect has always inspired me to do some photography. But as always, I either didn’t have time or was too lazy to start.
Now I felt its the perfect time to learn something different and new 🙂
So, as a first step I bought the camera: Nikon D7000! Heard so much about it! I am still very new, and mostly taking pics in auto mode. But whenever I get chance, am trying to learn the techniques of taking quality pics. This link is a nice place where I took a tutorial tour for the basics. Also looking into this for basic understanding of ISP, Shutter Speed and Aperture!

I am pretty excited and hope to take some nice shots! Looking forward to sharing some digital creativity!!!