Facebook – How It Impacts Me

I have been thinking about my perspective on usage of Facebook. I have had mixed feeling of how I feel, sometimes I was over excited, sometimes over emotional, sometimes angry but recently I also noticed its changing my thought process, the way I see life, my expectations are changing, my future plans are changing even my personality type is impacted by FB.

The part that bugs me most is confusion! Each of my friends and families live in a certain way, and each of them express their feelings, preferences, the way they live their life through pictures, statuses in their own way – sometimes off course the sole purpose is showing the world 😛

Sometimes it really confuses me (personally), cause sometimes an expression by someone looks so alluring that even if my personality will never would agree on such things, I lean towards those ideas! Seeing people living in a certain way sometimes makes me feel ‘Am I living the right way? Should I be doing that or this?’ I want and try my best to be an observer on FB and try to be less interactive, I do not want to be influenced by something which probably has no value in my personal practical life, I do not want to change my priorities just because some one said something cool and I think I should do the same leaving everything else.

I am a human being and not perfect at all, everyday I give my best shots to improve myself in the things I believe I should be better, but last few months I have noticed, I am losing my track, and the more I was confused the more I realized a big catalyst has been FB! I got drifted apart in so many ways from my original thoughts and plans to some random ones just because in the social world of FB it looked cooler/facinating 🙂

It may all sound very weird and confusing to some readers, but if anyone is in the same place as me, will understand what I am trying to express. Everybody is different, so I do not expect anyone to agree with me, these are purely my personal thoughts and how I am disturbed by the presence of FB. Nonetheless, I must agree, there are things I do love about FB, and that is why I do not want to just deactivate and disappear! Rather, I feel from now on I should try even more harder to be an observer and be strong at what I stand for in my personal/professional life. I can grab the ideas/concepts by others I really admire and that matches my personality but I surely have to be careful with my usage of Facebook for my own benefit 🙂