First Time Camping @Lake George, NY!

This is the first time in my life I went camping, we were a group of 16 people! I was nervous at the beginning, thought of leaving my comfort zone and being with a group in some jungle site, what food I may have and whether I would be able to sleep nice…or damn the restrooms 😛

But, I was wrong. It was a wonderful trip. Very organized camp site at Lake George.
On Friday when we reached the camp around 6ish, some of our very active and hardworking friend set up 5 tents for the group. When we reached we just made sure the bed is ready inside the tent when we want to sleep 🙂 The food were marinated and kept in the cooler, and in the evening, we grilled, actually two/three friends did. I was mostly busy taking pictures, listening to the silence of the nature, chiliing out an eating. At night, two of our friends started singing! It was so nice….in the middle of jungle….listening to some old nostalgic…so far away form the busy city life… much fun at the same time so much calm!

The next morning we woke up…had breakfast and went to Jet-Ski! My first time ever! I was so nervous but when it started, oh God! I realized, what have I missed so far! It was unbelievable! How could I never do that. I didn’t drive, since I don’t’ know how to swim and a bit scared, my hubby did, and we went in the middle of the lake and it was like heaven….we finished the jet-ski with an extreme excitement and feeling so content.

When we came back to camp site after our jet-ski adventure, another adventure was waiting for me. There was a lake and me, and my friends started learning how to swim, we both scared to death at water, yet something happened that day, we were free……lost in the nature, a bit wild may be…..gave my best shots to give it a try and for the first time I was able to swim… was for less than a min, but for me it was a lot!!!!!

Night started with more grilling and eating and dancing with music….I also did another small adventure of walking alobe in the jungle to go to the restroom 😀 we generally go as a group after 11, since its about 10/12 min away in the dark….but I went without turning on my torch light 🙂 I felt I was walking in my village in Bangladesh, no sound….pin drop silence…little bit scared….but more adventurous 🙂 it was a different kind of fun!

Everything has to end and so did those amazing two days. I brought so much memories with me. It was not only jet ski or swimming, it was also the people. We had a very interesting diverse group, I can’t think of doing it without any one of them! Each of them contributed to the fun in their own way……I feel very lucky to experience this. It was one my bucket list thing 🙂


A Very Rich Communication Platform – Apture!

Just came to know about this nice tool ‘Apture ‘. Its really cool tool that we can use in our  blogs to have an interactive page rather than  a flat one. I am very impressed by the idea of this tool and have installed it to start using it in my blog. About Apture – From its website :

Apture provides the first rich communication platform that allows people to intuitively experience the web.

With just one line of code, publishers and bloggers can quickly and easily turn flat pages of text into a compelling multimedia experience. Apture gives content creators the power to find and incorporate relevant multimedia items directly into their pages.

Readers can then access these items without ever leaving the page, providing them with a deeper and more meaningful web experience.

Here is a clip from our tour to London Tower Bridge. I added the  video link from youtube and also added the google map,wiki page, image links & some Amazon info related to ‘London Bridge Tower’ using the ‘Apture’ tool. It helps the visitor who are looking at the video can simultaneously read the wiki post or the map without leaving my blog!! This is a very impressive!! With the pace of use of media and links into blogs this is a very helpful tool we can use which will facilitate our blog post by making it lot more interactive and interesting for our visitors.

Fun for FREE – Staten Island Ferry !

My last post about ‘Doing something for fun at no/less money’ did not contain this wonderful entertainment ‘Staten Island Ferry’ which is completely free 😉

From wiki:

The Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry operated by the New York City Department of TransportationManhattan and Staten Island. The ferry departs Manhattan from South Ferry, the five mile journey takes about 25 minutes each way. that runs between

This small journey was wonderful, it was (like) floating in the sea and enjoying the wonderful Manhattan sky line view, and Statue of Liberty on the other side (also my high rise Office building on NJ side). When we (me and my friend Rumana) reached Staten Island we took a local bus tour to see most part of the staten island, it was very nice. While coming back it was 10 PM at night. And we stand on the front side of the deck (just like Titanic movie 😉 , only except the fact, for both of us the other half is missing 😦 )

It was so amazing, I could not believe we could enjoy such beauty and wonderful journey just for free. The waves were hitting the ferry, and the night sparkling lightning of Manhattan looked incredibly beautiful. It was great fun and great entertainment for me!!