Amra Shopne Bachi…


 I really liked the song “Amra shopne Bachi” by Yaatri. The lyrics is very impressive. Specially the phrases.., “Amra shopne bachi shopno gori….Shopno buke dhore debo pari ..Bohudurr….”

The most motivating character that most of us has is: Dream. We mostly live on dreams and hopes and these are the background force that drive our life and future.

The point I am trying to bring here is: Bangladesh is going through a changing phase now, situations are improving, people are improving and I believe that very soon we will be doing very good. The improvement of economy will definitely take some time. But its more important that our people are improved, more educated and technology oriented, which I can see they are on their way. Every time I see different groups and blogs created by thousands young people of Bangladesh who are trying to put their thoughts and trying to make a difference in the society, I feel so proud and good. I know all these are coming with the cost of drugs and some wrong activities. Because the society is becoming more open there will be definitely some bad impact which we have to prevent, but we should not be frustrated. I personally see a very good future for Bangladesh. I can see its changing…changing rapidly…our people are changing and I am so hopeful about the whole thing.

The creativity has increased a lot. More and more people are involved in media, more and more people are now giving education priority than money and status, more and more people are getting involved in many different social activities both inside Bangladesh and from abroad…. So, I am sure we are on the right…..

We have dreams for a better Bangladesh and I am sure we are on our way makinig our dream come true. And I want to sing like Yatri now: “Amra shopne bachi shopno gori….Shopno buke dhore debo pari ..Bohudurr….”