Me – a Mother!

Yesterday was mother’s day, a wonderful day to celebrate one of the most important person of our life. With some exceptions, we all dearly love our mothers. And interestingly, when we become parent we realize it even more. Specially as a girl we realize what path exactly a mother had to choose to raise us, what sacrifices she had to make and how hard it was.

I am a mother now 🙂 I became a mother on July 28, 2013. My 9 month pregnancy journey was not very bad, I was eagerly waiting for the day to see my son, read all kind of articles about delivery, watched all kind of videos to know what to expect.

So, when the day came (delivery day), I didn’t panic. I calmly went to the hospital, got checked by the docs and was waiting. But when the labor pain started I realized – boy oh boy… nothing can calm me now, whatever I did, nothing helped! The pain is so excruciating as everyone describe it, tehre is no escape from it if you have a normal delivery :/  After about 9 hours in labor, my son ‘Elon’ was born at 10.22 AM. In so much pain I forgot everything and felt like crying out of love and happiness. When I first hold him, he bent his  lips and cried like snobby kid if he was telling me where were u so long 🙂 And all the pain for last 9 hours disappeared after holding him and looking at him 🙂

Nine months has passed since then 🙂 he’s a crawler now, trying to stand/walk, blabbering once in a while.

Life is extremely stressful now. Me and my husband had no clue how hard it would be to take care of a baby, we are overwhelmed with all the responsibilities…sleepless nights….rarely any breaks for ourselves….and still aren’t used to all these….but every time I look at him..crawling..crying for me to hold him…smiling…playing…hugging me tight when he sees me after long time…all the pain seems totally worth is the most wonderful thing that happened to me, people always used to talk about unconditional love for children, I have learned this after Elon came to my life. Everyday is a surprise, he’s doing something new, everyday is a blessing, its extremely stressful and pain at times, but still its so amazing!

Jeff Atwood, a software developer and blogger once wrote in his blog ( that:

“Children are 49% incredible pain in the ass, and 51% most sublime joy you have ever felt”

(I surely can feel what Jeff meant :))

Well, the motherhood journey has just barely started actually, still a long way to go, but every day pass by, I realized how hard it was for my mother to raise me, how painful it was, specially we have so many built in systems, which she didn’t, it must have been so hard. Each day my love and respect for her keeps growing and I feel so grateful for having a wonderful mother like her!

Here is a picture of my baby Elon and my beautiful mother 🙂


My mother and my 6 month old son :)

My mother and my 6 month old son 🙂

My 9 month old son

My 9 month old son