Today I have got cold. I am having high fever and yet I had to come to work! How pathetic!!! I could not take sick leave as there is somehitng very urgent I have to finish off 😦

When I am sick, the only thing I think of how happy those people are who are healthy and feeling better! While I am sick, I realize how unbelivably happy I am most of the time (when I am not sick) and how terrible it is to being unstable helath wise. If you are feeling sad, you can work on improving your mood, but if you are sick, you are limited on how much you can do. I know I can start taking medicine and take proper care, but the way, in glimpse of few monts I can change my mood I just cant do the magic with health. I have to wait for the medicine to work, and I am sure this cold virus will not dissappear soon without torturing me for few days!!

I hate this time of winter season, when I get sick and stuck with my life. Everythign around looks blur, everything hurts…and you get dissapointed for small little things. You broke for small reasons, you feel alone and you feel helpless!! Scientists should come up with some medicine which take affect immidiately, you just take it and it heels you instantly!! Unfortunately, we are still waiting for such medicine to be invented and unfortunately I have to go through the wait stage for me to recover 😦

My God!! If I am nagging like this just for such a small cold fever what would other people do who are trapped with big sickness!!!! Shame on ME 😦


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