IMAX Experience!

I have been a fool not watching movies in a IMAX theatre so far. Yesterday I watched ‘Eagle Eye’ in an IMAX Theatre in Time Square and I was AMAZED!!! I have heard about its great quiality of sound and picture, but the experience crossed my expectation. Every simple little sound …every small little scences were an unbelievable experience. The scenes which would have been looked just normal exciting looked overwhelming and extremely thrilling. It was a great experience.

After having this experience I decided to watch IMAX movies atleast once a month 🙂 This is one overwhelming recreation time we can easily have in our very busy scheduled life !!!!

Can’t wait to watch the next movie in IMAX 🙂


One thought on “IMAX Experience!

  1. Check out your next IMAX film at the Lincoln Center Theater and see if you notice a difference in your experience, given that they are two different IMAX systems and theaters.

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