New Yorker!!

After switching my decision thousand times, finally I decided to move to New York. Even though last one year I rarely admit I live in NJ 😛 If anybody happened to ask me, ‘where do you live’, my straight answer was ‘New York’.

Except for work and sleep I try to spend as much as possible time in NY. And I just hate staying in NJ. My lease at current place expire soon, and this time I decided ‘no matter what’ – I will be a New Yorker 😀

Offcourse this comes with cost of NY Resident Tax, Expensive Apartments rent, 1 hour commute to work each way, Not very clean and organized neightbourhood/apartment – I am still determine to accept these and fulfill my wish of becoming a New Yorker! And specially thinking of living in Queens, around all Bangladeshi returants so that I can eat any deshi food anytime I want to 🙂

Can’t wait to moveeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

In a month or so, when someone asks me, ‘Where do you live’ I want to tell the truth this time “I live in NY” 🙂


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