Mood Swing!

One interesting thing happen when someone get pregnant is – mood swing. A pregnant women will somtimes feel extreley happy for a very small reason, sometimes extremely angry for some tiny little event happened few years back!! Sometime too much worried and not able to handle this emotions and so on!!

Two of my friends recently got pregnant and I have been hearing about thier different symptoms! Because of hormonal changes they are having all peculiar things and behaving very wired these days – and this is called mood swing!!

Anyway, after talking to them for a while, I just realized I have this mood swing thing from childhood 😛

I am always like this….either too happy…or too sad..or too excited….sometimes very poetic…sometimes a geek…sometimes angry…sometimes the most generous!! lol!!

Is my hormon changes all the time then?? God knows…if it were a big issue I would gone to a doc to find out but it seems fine. However, my friends are worried and say as I am naturally a mood swing lady it is really tought to deal with me 😉

And I am really enjoying it now 😀


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