Home Sweet Home !!

Its been quite a while I am living this lonelly life 😦

My parents live thousands miles away in Bangladesh…my husband lives 3000 miles away in Seattle…and I am damn tired of this life!! Off course this loneliness comes with some wonderful things as freedom…having no responsibility….no cooking :P….but this is not what I am looking for myself!

Everyday waking up in an empty room…then get ready and go to office..after work either go to Manhattan to hang out with frinds or returning to that empty home again!! After surfing the inteernet for a while go to sleep! Doesn’t it look like a forever loop that I’m bound with!! Is this what I want for my life???

Noooooo!! I want to go homeeeee!! Where I have my own people….my hubby…my parents…my siblings…my family…..I do not want to go to a place just to sleep!! I want my place to be my home!! I hope God hear me and I have my home sweet home soon!!



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