Feeling Great!!

Well my last post was horrible…I know I sound like all lost stupid dumb girl but I think I was being too snobbosh 😛 If someone askes me, ‘whats wrong?’, I have no good excuse to explain!! This is nothing but in simple bangla ‘nekami’. And someitmes I do that nekami when I feel like a crap for no good reason 😛

Whatever it is, I always knew I will overcome…and the sun will shine on me …which is happening now…I am feeling quite good and life seems extraordinarily wonderful!! The truth is, again those bad days will come but I am lucky enough that I will overcome those and have wonderful times again!!  

Thanks to Nathalie, Dipa and Rinth for their wonderful words 🙂 Guys, I am feeling shy for sounding like the worst crap possible on earth on my last post!! This is a very unusual Lipna you niticed….In real, most of the time Lipna is always smiling…always inpiring….very energetic…and very active….neverthless she sometimes feel terrible and act as a child 😛



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