Feel Like a Crap :(

I feel like  a crap… I don’t even know what’s wrong with me.  I just want to disappear…I’m sick of my life right now and I just really want somebody to tell me that it’ll be ok and everything will be fine! Which I don’t think so !!

Damn! I just can’t wait to come out of this horrible stupid frustrating phase of my life…this time its taking longer than it usually takes!!




3 thoughts on “Feel Like a Crap :(

  1. Nobody can say for sure that it’ll be okay, and that everything will be fine, but if you really believe in it and pray for it, good times will come faster inshaAllah. I have absolutely no idea if you’re a muslim, but it seems like you’re Bangali? Anyway I just took a guess there :p.

    I’m checking out your blog cuz you visited mine and Jibon’s “A Collision Course”. And now it seems as if you’re Bangali as well (I see that you wrote something about Cox’s Bazar and stuff). That’s pretty cool, I don’t know many Bangalis who write blogs :p.

    Anyways take care… keep living and don’t just stay alive :).

  2. Hi Lipna! I am a fellow Bangalee too. Hope you’re feeling better now. Don’t worry, there’s light at the end of every tunnel for sure. Are you on Facebook? If so you can add me, apsara@writeme.com. We can be virtual friends to start.



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