Plan But No Action :(

I have been planning to do certain things when I am comparatively stable with my life. I can say I am quite stable now. I have a job, a place where I can live, some good friends and comparatively good health 🙂

If this is not a good time to start working on things I have always wanted and planned to do then when it will be?? The planning dream has reached a stage that sometimes I feel I have lost track of many things I wanted to do! And now when I sit at home, find some spare time to do somehting creative I go blank!! All my plannings has been so scattered that none of them now take shape when its time to take some action on them!!

When your life is settled and you have less (or almost none) things to worry about, all you end up doing is time passing in your spare time. Utilizing time properly becomes an issue and you are too lazy to act proactively and makes things get done!! The more relax you are the more lazy you become! And I have been proving this one lesson of life to myslef by being 100% lazy these days! Can you imagine, I have almost stopped blogging for no reason. When I was in trouble and was fed up with my visa issues I used to be more active then now I am 😦

Now, I just look at myself and ask: “Lipna, are you condidering starting over, focusing on leftover works? Please??”

Hope Lipna answer back something good to me this time 🙂



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