Fun for FREE – Staten Island Ferry !

My last post about ‘Doing something for fun at no/less money’ did not contain this wonderful entertainment ‘Staten Island Ferry’ which is completely free 😉

From wiki:

The Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry operated by the New York City Department of TransportationManhattan and Staten Island. The ferry departs Manhattan from South Ferry, the five mile journey takes about 25 minutes each way. that runs between

This small journey was wonderful, it was (like) floating in the sea and enjoying the wonderful Manhattan sky line view, and Statue of Liberty on the other side (also my high rise Office building on NJ side). When we (me and my friend Rumana) reached Staten Island we took a local bus tour to see most part of the staten island, it was very nice. While coming back it was 10 PM at night. And we stand on the front side of the deck (just like Titanic movie 😉 , only except the fact, for both of us the other half is missing 😦 )

It was so amazing, I could not believe we could enjoy such beauty and wonderful journey just for free. The waves were hitting the ferry, and the night sparkling lightning of Manhattan looked incredibly beautiful. It was great fun and great entertainment for me!!


3 thoughts on “Fun for FREE – Staten Island Ferry !

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  2. Lipna: it was really a great trip; I liked it a lot when we were coming back to the ferri by bus and listening to the music.

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