Living with yourself!

The person you live with your whole life is none but you! Now if that person irriatates you, if that person deteriorate your future success…if that person actions make you feel embarrased….if that person is not happy…if that person is sad…if that person is depressed – think about the impact on your life!!!!

I know it sounds naive but there is a deep thought (or I should say philosophy) behind it! If we could think this way can we improve ourself more efficiently, can we work on our problems ..limitations more actively then we usually do?? Will we understand the importance of our acts and steps towards life?? Will we be able to relate ourselves with our success accordance to our actions?? Will it become more visible?? Will we notice things which we generally tend to ignore???

My thought is if we realize the most important person in our life who controls almost everythign in and about our life is we – ourseleves then I am sure we will emphasize more on improving ourselves. If we come out of the box we live in….the ME I’m in and try to look at our own activities as a n outsider we realize how wrong we are at certain terribly we think and how terribly we act….at particular issues…

I guess we should come out and know the REAL ME and then take some actions….let that ME know that ‘here are your problems…these are the things you lack…and this is what you should do to carry on for better future’  ….I am sure that will be a great way of doing self-improvement!

The most important person you live with (yourself) must know how important is to take care of yourslef by taking some good actions !!!



One thought on “Living with yourself!

  1. Hiya thanks for dropping by my page and leaving a comment….
    This is sort of returnng a favour but at the same time, I really did enjoy reading your post and other entries so I wanted to say I agree with you we have to live with ourself during our time on earth so might as well enjoy our own company…lol nd we should look after ourself more ^_^
    I like what you write and I’m sure I will pop back once in a while 😀

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