When Future On The Hand Of Lottery!!!

Yes!! Its really SAD when your future depends on a lottery 😦

I came all the way to America from other side of the world Bangladesh to establish myself…my career… I finished my Masters nicely and got a nice job. Now to continue my work here, to build my career and improve my skills I need to have job visa!! Last year when my company applied for my job visa, there was huge amount of application and the US Immigration Services wonderfully selected the 65000 employee out of 150000 through a lottery system!!  Unfortunately I was not selected 😦  Becasue I did not finish my Masters before they apply for my job visa on Bachelor’s quota. There was no lottery on MS quota last year. Till now I am here in my student visa which will end soon.

This year my company again is applying for my job visa in Master’s quota and I was happily passing my days thinking I will definitely get selected this time. But the sad news is I came to know from my lawyer that this year it is highly ilkely that a lottery will take place for both Masters and Bachelor’s.

I have been always a lucky girl thorough out my life except for that lottery thing. I have never ever had any lottery fortune. And I don’t see any chance this time as well 😦

Well….that my story for now…an uncertain future completely in the hand of God (lottery!!)!



7 thoughts on “When Future On The Hand Of Lottery!!!

  1. Thanks, for the kind words.

    My friend from China with Masters is having the same problem. I wish you the best, whatever may come. Keep writing it helps. Thank you for your post, one really does get a sense of solidarity when one finds others in the same circumstance. Thank you for your blog. Good Luck

  2. Hi Lipna! wish you best luck this year!

    Lottery completely disgusting!
    you are not alone. In my whole life, I never win any lottery. But I’m also in queue to win a lottery.. i won’t mind too much if i don’t… but life could be different with lottery this time.. wish me luck also. 🙂

  3. Hi Lipna ! wish U all the best. U are always a lucky girl. All the circumstances God is always with U and solve any Problem.Thanks……..Good Luck

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