Visiting MET Meusium!

This weekend we celebrated Women’s Day visitinig The Metropolitan Museum of Art. also called MET. It was raining heavily on Saturday but three of us still decided to spend some in the world of history and arts 🙂

The place where it is located is a very nice place near Central park. The area looks very historical and rich. The Met’s permanent collection contains more than two million work of arts. I am not a great fan of art history so I did not enjoy the museum as much as I enjoyed the National Space and Air museum. However there were some collections that really attracted me and I spent some nice time there. The painting collection by Claude Monet and Van Gogh were really amazing. Those oil painting were mind blowing. Some of the painiting were so abstract that standing infront of them for a long time to grasp the idea result in only one thing : “My feet hurts :P”

The work of arts from Ancient Egypt was quite cool. There was one section called “Favorite Classical” which fall under Modern Art has collection of nice pieces of furniiure. And very surprisingly there was a very simple chair. I stared it for a while and could not realize the story behind it (no story behind it is written).

Anyway, visiting the museum gave me one good realization that you have to have very different view and deep understanding of arts to really understand these collection and purely enjoy it 🙂 I think am not good at this. But I did enjoy the time! Atleast knowing that there are some pieces that I could never understand is a self discovery 😉

Here is the link to some of the pics we have taken at MET:


One thought on “Visiting MET Meusium!

  1. For the last time I’ve ever visited any museum, was National Museum of Bangladesh [Shahbag, Dhaka]… and that was (I guess) about 10 years ago…

    Museums are really great for awakening oneself, but at the same time I find it out boring if you have no company with you for visiting it… 🙂

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