Nostalgic Rain!!


I used to love rain even a year ago. Once I started my professional life I started realizing the impact it has on daily life and how it parlyzes the daily activities. Its raining heavily today. When I was coming to office through this heavy rain I suddenly felt the same nostalgic feeling I used to feel before, a nice lost feeling… the rain drops are making music in my ears….rather than finding it irritating I enjoyed it ….I felt like dancing in the rain 🙂

I became nostalgic and remembered those wonderful days I spent in shattered road side tea shops in Bangladesh drinking tea ..enjoying the rain….sometimes eating “khichuri and egg”….also the wonderful rides in Rickshaw …I so much miss those days…those beautiful moments…..

I wish I could get a ride on a Rickshaw now…I wish I could have some khichuri with egg…..I wish I could sip through a cup of tea listening to some soothing Rabindra Sangit…..watching these beautiful raindrops…..

“Aji jhoro jhoro mukhoro badol dine…………….janine janine…kichute kenoje mon lagena…”


4 thoughts on “Nostalgic Rain!!

  1. I thought you said you would be writing regularly! This is something you seem to be good at; and you should keep on writing… Don’t let anything else distract you!

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