Perception Impacts On Everythign!


Your perspective impacts on everything in your life. The way you think, the way you see things, the way you accept things – affects everything! When we go through tough moments of life we struggle to recover…overcome, deal with weaknesses and strive to deal with it…however the depth of this struggle and the success rate depends a lot on our percept. While struggling to overcome something if we think, doing things are tough, if we see things in a negative way, if we take working on something is hard and cumbersome and out of our capability, the process is going to be more and more difficult. Accepting things simply and then taking baby steps considering each step easier and doable we can grow positive attitude and thus deal things easily. I have a good example to share in this regard.  There is someone I know who always used to think life is difficult, everything is impossible and working hard is impossible for him. He somehow wanted to finish his education and somehow manage a decent job. He could finally graduate with a not so good result and end up getting a job through some connections but now he is performing very bad in his work.On the other hand, there is someone who grew up in a  small village with lots of struggle and constraints. He always used to find life meaningful and used to think nothing is impossible as long as you work hard on it. He used to believe in the inner power of himself and he used to fight every step of his life. He has become very successful man now.Your future, your fate everything is impacted by the way you take things, deal things. Having positive attitude and the willing to work hard can give you a better future. Even small perception changes your attitude, your ability.  So we if we fail to achieve something we want we should find out what can the root cause. We should try to figure out if the way we think, if the way we deal affecting us someway. if so we should try to change our views. We should look at those who can easily handle things and compare the lacking within us.

We should never ever give up. We will fail…many times…but we should never give up.  We should change our perspectives if we are failing repeatedly. Our perception will ease the whole process and make us work out things easily!



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