Looks like being a regular blogger is very close to impossible for me πŸ™‚ I have promised myself that I would write regularly yet I am not very frequent 😦

Well, better late than never!! So here I am !! What should I write about today? How about some personal stuffs?? Sounds interesting!!

These days I am trying to paint/draw. I have never done this before! May be its kinda too late to start this kind of things…but I believe there should not be any time constraint for things you are passionate about and you love to do..unless you have any physical constraints… I have started drawing like kids with a lot of excitement….everytime I draw something I look at it and burst into laugh…..even a 5 year kiddo will do better than that…but then again…who cares…its all about my passion…am not planning for any exhibition πŸ˜€

Thomas Kinkade Oil Painting

I have started with crayons. But mostly I want to do oil painting, I need time to reach that stage. Its too early for that. The painting I have put above is not mine πŸ˜› its Thomas Kinkade‘s Painting.

Its really soothing doing the things you always wanted to do, you are always passionate about but never got a chance. We all have something we are passionate about but never got the chance either because of other priorities or some familial constraints. And when we have time and flexibility we think its too late to start over. I think we should always give ourself some time, we should look into ourselves when we have some relax moments in between our responsibilities and formalities. We should find some time for ourselves and do the things that we really enjoy doing. Be it spending and hour listening to your favorite music closing your eyes, or joining yoga class which you never could manage to do.

I always feel, this is one life I am living and I should try my best to live it. Like Bon Jovi sang

” It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive”.

We all should some how manage some time just for ourselves and do something we like. That way we can stay more refreshing and will be able to manage this life more properly.

So believing in these I have become a kiddo now and drawing abstract things πŸ™‚ – this is something new happening in my life πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Painting!!

    • Just like to say that what you said was absolutly beautiful,ive always loved drawing and painting and always got b at school but always wanted that A,but what you said about your child within, really inspired me and i am going to give it another go,thanks to you,I do tend to get inpatient and want a picture done and dusted in 2 hours,I do know it can take up to 2 days or more,but im working on that,I absolultly love that picture that you choosen just loved it πŸ™‚
      Yours Sincerly Gail

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