Human Cloning Possible??


Sometimes I wonder which way we are going to? What the future holds for us?? How will it look like? Are all different kind of science fiction stories and movies tells the truth?? How different the society will be? What would be the thought process and cultural activities of mankind?? May be, in this lifetime I will not be able to see much…but may be I will see a lot….

Certain inventions changed the whole society…the way people think….the way people interact and act….such as aeroplane, mobile technology, internet and so many more.

What if cloning turns possible and legal? Where will our society stand? What would happen after that? Has the process alerady started for cloning? I think I should answer: “YES” .

Here is the news (Published on: Jan 18th, 2008) quoted from online resource:

“Scientists at a California company reported yesterday that they had created the first mature cloned human embryos from single skin cells taken from adults, a significant advance toward the goal of growing personalized stem cells for patients suffering from various diseases.

Five of the new embryos grew in laboratory dishes to the stage that fertility doctors consider ready for transfer to a woman’s womb: a degree of development that clones of adult humans have never achieved before.  No one knows whether those embryos were healthy enough to grow into babies. But the study leader, who is also the medical director of a fertility clinic, said they looked robust, even as he emphasized that he has no interest in cloning people.

“This study seems to confirm that human cloning . . . is technically possible,” said Richard Doerflinger of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “It does not show that a viable or normal embryonic stem cell line can be derived this way, or that any such cell has ‘therapeutic’ value. It does not answer the ethical or social questions about the mass-production of developing human lives in order to destroy them. . . . It only tells us that these questions are more urgent than ever.”

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