United Bangladesh Appeal


There are many organizations by Bangladeshi expatriates which helps in the development of Bnagladesh and works closely ti improve any disasters incidents. Alsoindividual Banglsadeshis expatriate try to help through those organization by donating whatever they can.

One such organization is recently formed which is mostly consists of a number of existing expatriate Bangladeshi organizations who came together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sidr in order to unify the expatriate Bangladeshi community towards a common goal.

A little more about the organization from http://www.unitedbangladeshappeal.org/:

“The United Bangladesh Appeal (UBA) is a newly formed umbrella organization seeking to leverage the power of the global expatriate networks to help Bangladesh. UBA was formed spontaneously on November 20, 2007 by young Bangladeshi professionals from around the globe who realized that while the various different Bangladeshi expatriate organizations may have varied and divergent interests, there are times of national crisis when a coordinated and unified response can have the greatest impact.”

Tahmina Anam mentioned about this organization that: “At the heart of this campaigning is a strong sense of responsibility for our fragile homeland. Soon after winning the Nobel Peace prize last year, Mohammad Yunus published an article called A Vision for Bangladesh, in which he pointed out a startling fact: expatriate Bangladeshis send more money home per capita than their Chinese and Indian counterparts.”

So it is indeed a great attempt by expatriate Bangladeshis, a common platform that we all Bangladeshi expatriate should use to help and donate our people, our country. It will be greatly helpful and easily handled platform.


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