Under a Different Sky!

This morning I was chatting with my parents and siblings and also watching them in the web cam. Thousands miles away from them and missing them like anything. It is so difficult standing under a different sky in different weather when you are away from your loved ones and your own country 😦

I miss Bangladesh so very much….to compensate that I try to watch Bangladeshi drama and ads regularly, I read prothom-alo and read Bangadeshi blogs 🙂 Just seeing those Bangla words in the newspaper or blog I feel so nice….Reading those newspaper and watching those drama make me feel I am there inside Bangladesh….this feelings for home(country) is so different. When I watch any drama, sometimes I am more interested in seeing the road behind, the ricksha pullers, the shopping mall on the bcak ground than the real actor/actress 🙂 Just try to get a feeling that I am standing there and seeing it myself….walking on the road…the dust all around….:)

This feeling for home….for the country is so different! Unless you are really away you can’t think of it. I do agree there are many things I don’t feel compfortable there but just the feeling that you are in your own country with your own people around is so different. When you are inside that you will never realize, once you are out, you would know and feel.

Here in USA, I get so many facilities, things are so smooth and nice…yet I feel all the time, I am living in somone else place…this does not belong to me…..

Like Zafar Sir (M Zafar Iqbal) says: “Your mom may not be beautiful and sweet, but do you start calling other beautiful women mom? Thats how your country is…however it is…you just love unconditionally..”

I miss you Bangladesh…..I do miss you all the time……


One thought on “Under a Different Sky!

  1. Lol… I’m in BD right now but this blog entry of yours really touched me… as if I was reading it in Sweden (where I live). I’ve read the same kind of stuff from different people… and realized that it’s the same for all of us… we all miss this place when we step out of it… and I’m not even born here in BD… //Rinth

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