New Year Resolution 2008

A New Year has started with new (or some old) hopes and dreams ..expectations and promises. Some of us has made a long/short todo list called New Year Resolution. I am planning to make a list for myself. I won’t follow a single thing as far as I know myself nonethless making a list itself is a fun process 🙂 Why not have this fun 🙂

New Year Resolution:

1. Get rid of the bad habit of biting nails : I always bite my nails, I guess its started even before I was born, may be I used to do it in my mom’e womb…many attempts to get rid of it has resulted nothign. Lets see if it works this time.

2. Eat Fruits:  I hate fruits for no reason. Very soon I will find myself with thousands health related problem and running to doctors. Hope I eat atleast one fruit every week if not every day.

3. Exercise!! Exercise: How many times I have decided to go to Gym? Atleast million times 😛 However it never worked out 😦 Hope 2008 brings somehting new in me and I start going to GYM 🙂

4. Write !! Write: Everbody is passionate about something. I am always passionate about writing. I really really want to write. Write something meaningful..helpful. Be it column writing or a story…but never really could do that….always had funny excuses….Lets work on that this year.

5. Get involved in community activities: This is the best time I can do this. So better I don’t have any excuses.

6. Control Emotions: I am a very emotional kind of person. So obviously I am very sensitive and easily get hurt. Have to have proper control on my emotions.

7. Read Read !! The wonderful habit of reading book is almost gone. I stop reading for last couple of years. Same thing applies for academic books. Hope to starte reading.

8. Learn Java Well: Yep, I work as a Technology Analyst and all my work is related to Java. But I almost know nothign about Java 😦  Shame on me. I want to see myself knowing it by end of 2008 atleast 😛

Last but not the least: Live the life…yes!! That has been the motto of my life always…..whatever happen, the moment just passed will never ever come back again…so I want to live it…I want to feel it…like Bon Jovi sang: I want to feel I am alive!!!

Hope my resolutions won’t just stay in this page as some words and sentences…hope it will have some active affects on me and I will take some actions 😉


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